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How do you battle an invisible demon? How do you survive the war inside your own head? How do you tell your Dad you’re fighting for 30? Just in Case explores the harsh reality of what it’s really like to live with bipolar disorder.

A Mini Productions film, April Kelley penned Just in Case, based on her own experience of living with bipolar disorder and conversations she’s had with her own Dad. She also starred in it alongside British icon Philip Glenister (Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Belgravia).

Starring BAFTA-winner Georgina Campbell, BAFTA Breakthrough Brit Paapa Essiedu, Sophia Di Martino and Harriet Webb Canned follows three school friends, each suffering from a 'quarter-life-crisis' who are thrown back together again after a tragedy. Can their friendship re-blossom and in doing so help each of them figure out this life business?

Kirsty's low-budget feature film is available on Amazon and had a successful worldwide film festival release (winner of the Audience Award at SENE Film Festival, Award of Recognition at IndieFest, Best Feature at Green Bay and Officially Selected at Geneva Film Festival). Made for just £3,000, written over 11 years and at the time taking over half her life to complete, it was Kirsty's film school, obsession and overwhelming passion. She started writing it at fourteen years old as a way to deal with being bullied, determined for others to one day watch it and know they weren't alone in their pain.

A comedy short film which screened at BAFTA-qualifying Underwire Film Festival and Women in Comedy Festival among others. It follows Stacey in a mockumentary as she goes through the joys and traumas of being a new Mum. It's great-ish, if only she could work out how to exercise her pelvic floor...

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