"Kirsty’s writing and film-making display a rare talent in finding the new in the familiar and the exceptional in the ordinary. Her work is at once honest, funny and deeply humane. She is one to watch.”​ 

                                                Paul Webster - Producer                                                                                  

"Piloting the Toolkit for Mentally Healthy Productions. April Kelley + Sara Huxley discuss mental health behind-the-scenes, representation and piloting the toolkit."

"Producer April Kelley is the founder of Mini Productions, the latest recipient of our Raising Films Ribbon for Just in Case." 

Article written for Raising Films about balancing motherhood with directing, writing and editing (which appears to be the most manageable of the three!)

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Just in Case has so far been Officially Selected at Norwich, Cambridge, Capri Hollywood, Thomas Edison and Spokane International Film Festivals.